General Chem & Chem Ac Study Aides

Review Cards (Look for subject area & print out cards)

Tutorials for General Chem & Chem Ac (requires Flash)
Scientific Measurement (Chapter 3)                             
Sig Figs
Scientific Notation
Dimensional Analysis
Temperature Conversions

The Mole (Chapter 10)
Avogadro's Number & the Mole
Molar Mass
Mole to Mass Conversions
More Molar Conversions
Molarity (Ac only)
Dilutions (Ac only)

Stoichiometry (Chapter 12)
Molar Ratios
Mol to Mol Conversions
Mass to Mass Conversions
Limiting Reactant
How to Perform a Titration

Atomic Theory (Chapter 4)
Thomson's Model
Rutherford's Model
Atomic Number & Mass Number
Another Atomic # & Mass # Tutorial
Average Atomic Mass

Electrons & periodicity (Chapter 5 & 6)
EM Radiation
Electrons as Waves
Emission & Absorption Spectra
Bohr Model (Ac only)
DeBroglie (Ac only)
Electron Configurations
Periodic Trends

Bonding (Ionic: Chapter 7, Covalent: Chapter 6)
Types of Bonding
Drawing Lewis Structures
Expanded Octets
Hybridization (Ac only)
Intermolecular Forces

Nomenclature (Chapter 9)
Naming Compounds & Writing Formulas (Ionic & Covalent)
Naming Acids & Writing Acid Formulas

Chemical Reactions (Chapter 11)
Balancing Equations
Types of Reactions
Predicting Products
Net Ionic Equations

Nuclear Reactions (Chapter 25)
Balancing Nuclear Reactions
Half-Life (Ac only)

Thermochemistry (Chapter 17)
Heat Curves & Phase Diagrams
More Phase Diagram Problems
Heat Calculations (Temperature Changes & Finding Specific Heat)
Heat Calculations (Phase Change)
Heat Calculations (Multiple Steps)

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