Interesting Links

When arguing, try to avoid these logical fallacies.
Koch brother's skeptic finds global warming is real
World's most powerful laser to tear apart the vacuum of space
General realativity to be tested
10 weirdest physics ideas (the article used the word "facts," when it should have used hypotheses, theories or ideas)
Hubble Telescope shows that universal expansion is accelerating (contrary to the article, it doesn't "prove" Einstein's theory of general realativity, rather it provides supporting empirical evidence)
Scientists plan to ignite tiny star (I've been telling students for years that I support expanded research into fusion generators.  However, I really like their way of calling it a "tiny star."  I'm almost ashamed I didn't think to call it that.)
Inertial Fusion Gains Ground
What's your slavery footprint? (Most people have no idea of the socio-political ramifications of the stuff they buy every day.)
Antimatter Explained by LHCb
One step closer to veryfying faster than light speed
Close to finding the "God particle" AKA the Higgs boson
Cool Article about a lot of unolved mysteries
Largest Molecule ever to go through the double-slit experiment
Growing organs from adult stem cells

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